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The Advantages of Being a Hobbyist Collector

How many people do you know that collect things? There are all kinds of collectors out there that collect various items, such as coins, baseball cards, autographs, currency, stamps and so on. The choice of becoming a collector has to do with either being interested in the items you are collecting or saving them for their value. Generally, most items will become more valuable the longer you keep them. Then you can leave those items for your children or grandchildren, so one day they can sell them and make a lot of money. A valuable collection that is left to your kin is the equivalent of leaving them money or property. If you are a working class person with no hard assets to your name then a collection you save for 50 years could become a viable substitute for that.

There are many good reasons for becoming a collector that most people never even think about. One reason is to get better educated on a particular topic. For example, let’s say you are a baseball fan and you want to have discussions with your sports buddies about classic baseball players. There is no better way to learn about these players than to collect classic baseball cards that give details about the players. Another reason to become a collector could simply be to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. If you are able to take your mind off of your troubles by focusing on something that interests you, then you won’t be thinking about the negative things in your life. You will only be focusing on the things that help relax you, like your collection. It is even more therapeutic to be a collector of something that requires you to physically go out somewhere, like on a beach collecting seashells or rocks.

You could literally spend all day outside trying to collect these types of items that you find fascinating. It will also get you out of the house and breathing in the fresh air outside, which is something everybody needs. However, that’s not to say that being an indoor collector doesn’t have its perks. Thanks to the miracles of ecommerce and mail ordering, you can start a collection without ever having to leave your house. You can browse through catalogs of merchandise that sell collectibles and then just buy the items through there. As long as your mind is distracted with your collecting pursuits then your stress levels will go down.

A collection can mean many things, but more importantly it can do many things for you. If you have poor organizational skills then starting a collection can help improve those skills. We all need organization in our lives because without it we would lose control of what is important. Organization is all about managing something to the point where it becomes beneficial to you. The ability to organize a collection can increase your organizational skills when it comes to more important things, like budgeting monthly expenses or planning your activities for a given week. Without this kind of organization, your bills wouldn’t get paid and you would just do whatever you feel like. This could have dire consequences, which is why practicing your organizational skills by managing a collection is the best way to strengthen them.

People sometimes misunderstand the definition of a collector. They often assume collectors are wealthy businessmen who want to decorate their offices with expensive things. Even though there are collectors that match this description, there are also collectors that are just regular working class people. The collection you start doesn’t have to be made up of expensive items, like gold or jewelry. You can collect rocks, bugs, hair or anything that interests you. The true value in collecting is when you can look back upon your collection years later and take pride in everything you have gathered together. This is the true definition of a collector.